Biofilm Control

In many water systems, (especially cooling towers and industrial cooling water, including air conditioning systems) it isn't enough to simply monitor a biofilm. In an ideal process control set up the biofilm would be controlled using an online biofilm controller.

The biofilm monitor referred to in these web pages can also offer control functionality. This means that as it measures a build up in biofilm activity on the BioSense sensor the electronics can take the appropriate remedial action via its on board PID control functionality.

Control Philosophy

The control of biofilms in industrial water processes remains the responsibility of the process operator. Even so it is possible for the biofilm controller to relieve the operator of some of the burden of manual control. For example, on detection of the build up of a biofilm on the biofilm sensor the biofilm controller could increase the biocide or introduce a different biocide and a text message to an operator on site or off site or introduce a shock does of biocide or any other chemical treatment.

Combined Biofilm and Residual Biocide monitor

For improved control and monitoring of industrial process waters such as cooling water it is possible to combine sensing technology to monitor biofilm with, residual chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen suspended solids, pH, ORP.

This means that the control of biofilms can be more sophisticated than just activating a shock dose.